I started up my cake business approximately 6 years ago, bringing together my love of baking and painting. Originally my company was called "goldilocks cupcakes" luckily my cakes were loved immediately and thanks to my loyal customers it went from strength to strength and gave me lots of happy hours in my kitchen. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, a year ago I had to change my company name and I am now "born again" cupcakes. This name has also proven to be a lucky one and my cake business continues to grow. I have now begun to incorporate other pretty, useful and yummy things into the business and intend to keep doing this so that I can provide past, current and future customers with great presents, gifts, ideas and just lovely products. 
I am currently working on a way to send my cupcakes through the postal system and am nearly there! So keep your eyes on my site and you can then share my personalised cupcakes with friends and family further afield.

About Company

Pretty, Useful and Yummy Products.